Incumbency Boards

Our Custom made Incumbency boards are of the highest quality and are supplied to a wide variety of clients including local authorities, schools &universities, hospitals and public & private clubs. Incumbency Boards are available in a wide range of standard designs and sizes and can be manufactured in a choice of materials.

There are two methods of lettering incumbency boards:

– Brass cut letters screwed / pasted on the board.

РComputerised vinyl cut letters.

We offer both, although, the vast majority of jobs that we undertake use vinyl. Vinyl offers greater consistency and an easier method of keeping boards up to date & keeps the costs low as compared to using individual brass letters.
As per the clients requirement, if they want to add additional lines of text, we can send out pre-cut and pre-spaced text ready for you to apply on-site, thus avoiding the inconvenience and expense of sending the board away for updating.

The items are usually delivered on site by us. Given the variable nature of various items, arrangements for delivery and/or installation (if required, on additional cost), will depend upon the scale of the item.

Give us a call and we would be happy to help out!